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About us

Turpaz Industries Ltd., a global company for the development, production and marketing of flavor and fragrance compounds, pharma intermediates and raw materials with high added value, marketed in over 30 countries worldwide, successfully completed an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in May 2021.

Turpaz specializes in the development, production and marketing of natural and synthetic, sweet and savory flavors for the food, beverage and confectionery industries and fragrance compounds for toiletries, cosmetics, ambient scents and detergents. The Company has a broad and varied portfolio of products, with the ability to develop and customize for customers.


Founding of the Company


Development, production, marketing and sales sites


Employees worldwide

$27.4 million

Q1 2022 sales turnover

$6.3 million

Q1 2022 EBITDA

We combine science and art to create unique flavors, fragrances and raw materials which are tailor-made

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